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Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined
Scoring for the novice.

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  Elimination Jumping      

In elimination jumping, there are multiple rounds of jumping. The first is a practice round, as always. The next is the qualifier with a straight cutoff at whatever power of 2 is below the number of jumpers. We had 38 jumpers, so only 32 of them went on to the next round. That give the progression of 38-32-16-8-4-2 jumpers in each round.

There are no points calculated for this event, it is pure distance. But they do have to complete the jump successfully, if they fall or touch a hand they are out.

We sorted them into bib order by their final individual score in the Special Jumping event. the girls scores were interspersed into the boys in the appropriate places.

This was a mixed event, boys and girls competed head to head, but the medals at the awards banquet separated them into boys and girls classes. I'm not sure how it was done. My involvement in this event was minimal as the CofC and TD did the scoring. I finally got to watch some jumping on this day.

In our case, we sent the 32 qualifiers back up the hill in bib order to jump again. At this point we were left with 16 jumpers.

Here, it changed. The best previous jumper went head to head with the worst, the winner of that duel moved on. The next best then went against the next worst and the winner of that duel moved on. So, you could out jump everybody but one person, and if you were paired up with that person, tough luck, you are gone. Ties were handled by looking at the previous jump to find a two jump winner. This was also done for the pairings up if there were ties in the previous jump.

When we got down to the last 2 jumpers, they tied their last jump. I don't know how the judges were going to handle it but the announcer got into the spirit and sent them back up the hill for a tie breaker. The boys were halfway back up the hill before the judges figured out how they wanted to handle it. I don't know what they wanted, but they let the tiebreaker jump proceed and we had a clear winner.

Here's an example of that results sheet

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