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Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined
Scoring for the novice.

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  Results Book          

The Results Book bothered me a lot. I didn't know what was expected to be in it or how it was organized. All I'd seen were pretty ragged looking things.

It turns out that it isn't some glorious bound book. It consists of:

  • cover sheet with the Event title, date etc
  • Sponsors page (optional, but nice to acknowledge them)
  • Coaches meeting notes
  • Jury meeting notes
  • Results sheets for each event

All arranged in chronological order. The results sheets must be signed by the CofC and the TD. Then 4 or 5 copies are made, the copies must be of the signed originals. The Competition Secretary then distributes them to the appropriate people.

The results also need to be transmitted to the competitors, coaches and new media as well. The new media was handled by our Competition Secretary.


I put together a web site on CD for the competitors and coaches. I pre built the web site and tested it. Then as the results sheets got signed. I scanned them into PDF files and plugged them into the appropriate places. This way, after the last event. all I had left to do was plug in the start order scan and the results sheet scan and start copying to CDs.

You can certainly get by will handing out paper copies, by using the CDs, I was also able to put about 100 pictures on the CD. There was space for many more pictures, but I ran out of time. I had less than 2 hours to crank out 60 copies of the CD, which turned out to be plenty of time, but I couldn't have sorted through any more pictures than I did during the competition.

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The Jury is comprised of the CofC, TD and other officials. There are specific events that call for them to meet, usually safety related, such as lowering the bar or start point at the top of the jump because the jumpers are getting too close to landing on the flat part at the bottom of the hill.

These meeting can take all of 30 seconds, but they must be recorded, the Competition Secretary does this.