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Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined
Scoring for the novice.

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  Team Jumping          

Coaches divide their jumpers into multiple teams of either 3 or 4 jumpers. A draw is done. This was very confusing to me, we ended up doing the draw by hand using scraps of paper with the teams names on them. They seemed to put all their best jumpers on one team, so it was like the teams should have been separated into team seed groups. And, in fact the coaches gave it to us that way, but it was very confusing. So with 5 clubs, there would have been 5 in seed group 4 and less in each of the other seed groups and 2 of our clubs only field one team each. But, it was late and we were having trouble getting our heads around it so it ended up being like there were actually 10 clubs instead of 10 teams divided amongst 5 clubs with rankings within the clubs. So, their team seed order didn't matter, no one got upset when we explained how we had done it.

After the teams were sorted in order, the next wrinkle emerged. We didn't have any team bibs where the numbers go 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, 2-2 and so on. So, we used bib s 1, 11, 21, 31 for team one, bibs 2, 12, 22, 32 for team 2. If there had been more than 10 teams this would not have worked because the last team got 10, 20, 30 ,40. After that the numbers would have wrapped. My advice, make sure you get team bibs as well as individual ones.

Each team's best jumper got the highest bib number and the worst got the lowest. The coaches handle their own ranking, but they give you that ranking with the team lists before the draw is done.

Just like Special Jumping, 3 rounds are held with the first round being practice.

We also had some of the girls jumping on the boys team. That seems ok by the officials.

I believe that they jumped all three jumps in bib order. I don't think we ranked them after the first scored jump for the second jump but I could be mistaken.

For the first jump, I had 4 windows of the program open since we had:

  • Girls and boys mixed teams for Team Jumping
  • Boys jumping who were not doing the NC Team Sprint
  • Different team makeup's for the NC Team Sprint

This meant that I couldn't simply clone the boys and girls databases after the first event. I had to build each event and assign the jumpers to the right teams across all four events. It was hectic and a bit confusing, but it worked.

Here's an example of the results for the Team Jumping. Note that the teams with 4 jumpers have the lowest scored jumper taken out of the final total.

The NC Team Sprint event uses the first jump to calculate the time delay for the relay race. In this case a 30 pt/minute delay factor was used. The bibs were paired up as seen in the example results . The race was a 2X3X1. Racer 1 of each team skied a 1 km lap, tagged his/her partner in the tag zone and the partner skied off for a lap. They alternated laps 3 times for a total skied distance of 6k.

Again, with the Gundersen start, the jumping results are factored into the time delay, so the overall standings is the order they cross the finish line after the sixth lap.

On to the last event we held

Elimination Jumping



In our event, some of the girls competed on the boys teams for the special jumping and moved over to the girls teams for the Team Sprint event.

We only had one girls team in the girls team jumping event. They came in first.