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New Design File 9-16-2014
Aerial view

New Design Files available 8-8-14
3-D render with just blocks for buildings (this is NOT how the buildings will look)
Basic blueprint
Area usage ( footprint of station overlaid on aerial map)

This bare bones web site is for information relating to the upcoming move of the Huffman Fire Station to the parkland between Seafarer Loop and Rabbit Creek Elementary School.

Lateest Update (Nov 3)
Heath Landon Email

Latest Update (Oct 19)
Rabbit Creek Community Council Concerns dated Oct 17, 2012

Latest Update (Oct 11)
Planning Staff's recomendation to the Planning and Zoning Commission  Warning--very large PDF file.

Latest Update (Oct 10)

Report from the Parks Department, with details of exactly where the firestation would go, an appraisal of the parcel (if the muni had to buy it rather than just repurpose it), and some conditions they'd like attached to the taking of the park.

Latest updates (Sep 19)

Planning Department Case Number 2012-110
Dowl Engineering Documents
Various Other Documents

We've set up an email address for questions, comments and whatever. Emails to this address will be forwarded to those that can answer, help, or whatever.